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      VisionWorks Fundraising
     Omaha and Los Angeles
     VW Projects and References

     VisionWorks Outraises Other

     * Christ King - $6M Church/Campus 
           - News 1
           - News 2
           - News 3
     * Holy Cross - $2.5M Parish Center
     * Holy Trinity - $3M Parish Center 
     * St Andrew - $1M Parish Center
     * St Alphonsus - $4M Loan, Campus
     * St Bernard - $1.5M Renovation
     * St Elizabeth - $8M Church, Day-
           care, Campus Renovation     
     * SEAS - $16.5M New Church
           - New Church Final Plans
           - News 1
           - News 2
           - News 3 
     * St James (I) - $13M New Church
     * St James (II) - $6M Debt Red
           - News 2
           - News 3
     * St Wenc $16M of $32M Church
           - News 1
           - News 2
           - News 3
     Sample Campaign Videos
     * Christ King - Campus Renovation
     * Holy Trinity - Parish Center
     * St Anne - Small Campus
     * St Alphonsus - Loan, Campus
     * St Bernard - Church Renovation
     * St Elizabeth - Church, Daycare
     * SEAS Dallas - New Church
     * St James - New Church Loan
     * St Wenc - New Church

     QuickLinks to VW newsletters
     and videos (V).

     Capital Campaigns
     * V - 10 Keys to Success!
     * V - How Much Can We Raise?
     * How Much Can We Raise?
     * Start with a Good Case!
     * How to Write a Case/12 Samples
     * Big Visions, Big Gifts!
     * Keys to Success!
     * 3 Questions to Answer!
     * 10 Q&A About Campaigns
     * Hire or Do-It-Yourself?
     * Sample Campaign Calendars

     Feasibility Studies
     * Importance of Studies

     Strategic Planning
     * V - Strategic Planning 
     * Turning Dreams Into Reality

     * V - More Estate Gifts!
     * 10 Keys to Successful Advmt

     Increased Giving (Churches)
     * V - Igniting Sunday Giving!

                                     If you really want to do something, 
                                     you'll find a way.   
                            If you don't, 
                                     you'll find an excuse.


     Dear Friend:

     2021, 2022, and 2023 are going to be great 
     fundraising years because of the pent-up demand 
     brought on by Covid-19.  VisionWorks Fundraising 
     helps churches and schools achieve their dreams 
     with capital campaigns that outraise other
     companies by 2X to 7X!    

     St. Wenceslaus in Omaha is just one example.
     It is building a new, 1,400-seat church.  Starting
     their second campaign, some thought they couldn't
     raise over $6M in pledges.  Their Finance Com-
     mitt hoped they could raise $8M.  Now they are 
     at $11.1M in pledges (during Covid!), and their
     new church will be dedicated this Fathers' Day!

     Church and school capital campaigns are very
     important, and you only have one chance to get
     it right.  Why?  Because there are no do-overs.

     Check out

     VisionWorks Fundraising Outraises Other


     VisionWorks Projects and References
     to see how we outperform and to see a listing
     of recent successful campaigns.  

     If you are thinking about an upcoming capital 
     campaign, then contact us today to make the 
     best start possible!  

Mark Filips and
The VisionWorks Team