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      ABOUT US

      Our Mission

      VisionWorks partners with noble causes of all kinds -   
      civic organizations, hospital, schools, churches, and
      non-profits - to help them plan, expand their reach, 
      and achieve their dreams.

     Our People

     VisionWorks professionals are:  

     * Educated and specially trained 
     * Experience in mission advancement, planning, 
             annual giving programs, and capital campaigns
     * Sensitive, collaborative, and team-oriented

     Our Philosophy

     VisionWorks’s philosophy is to:

     * Understand well your history, mission, and community
     * Thoroughly address key factors of a successful 
     * Work with you in creating a compelling campaign 
     * Guide you in recruiting gifted leaders
     * Employ the best practices and most current
     * Design campaigns for simplicity 
     * Effectively share your vision with all your publics
     * Inspire people to a generous response
     * Create rewarding experiences for everyone

     VisionWorks Fundraising

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