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     Capital Campaigns

     * Capital Campaigns Start with a Good Case

     * How to Write a Compelling Case Statement - 12 Samples

     * Big Visions Attract Big Gifts!

     * Creating a Plan People Can Support

     * How Much Can We Raise?

     * Consultant vs Do-It Ourselves Campaigns

     * How to Get from a Feasibility Study to Capital Campaign

     * VisionWorks Outperforms Other Fundraising Companies

     * Keys to Successful Capital Campaigns

     * Sample Capital Campaign Calendars

     * Major Gifts: The Key to the Greatest Successes

     * 7 Steps in Preparing for a Capital Campaign

     * 10 Questions About Successful Capital Campaigns

     * The Importance of Saying Thank You!

     * Capital Campaign Steps: From Planning to Building

     * A Pastor's Role in a Capital Campaign!

     * VisionWorks Fundraising Presentations

     Feasibility & Planning Studies

     * Importance of Feasibility Studies

     * How to Get from a Feasibility Study to a Capital Campaign

     Strategic Planning

     * The Importance of Inspiration

     * Where There is Vision, the People Flourish!

     * Strategic Planning: Turning Dreams Into Reality!

     * Strategic Planning: The Key to a Churches Future!

     Advancement and Foundation Programs

    * 10 Keys to Successful Advancement Programs

    * Essentials for Successful Foundation Boards and Oversight Councils

    * Keys to Growing Your Volunteer Base

    * Keys to Successful Organizations and Fundraising

    * 9 Keys to a Successful Fundraising Year

    * Estate Planning: You've Got to Do This! (Churches)

    * Estate Planning: You've Got to Do This! (Non-profits)

    * Estate Planning: Simple Steps to Success!

    * 8 Summer-time Fundraising Tasks

    * 7 Keys to Recruiting More Volunteers!

    * Keys to Increasing Sunday Giving (Churches)

    * Stewardship Essentials (Churches)

     VisionWorks Fundraising
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